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Health Check - Digital Detox

Health Check - Digital Detox

Many celebrities are following them also with Ed Sheeran announcing he was stepping off the social media bandwagon – no mobile phones, emails or Twitter for a whole year. “I find myself seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes,” he wrote (on his Instagram account, of course).

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Not sure what it is all about?  Digital Detox Explained

The urge to go “off grid” is now hitting home here in the UK more than ever with so many of you feeling overworked, stressed-out there has been a real surge in demand for our digital-free getaways.

These days it easy to get attached to the various digital devices that seem to accompany our physical being, from phones, tablets, laptops, gaming…. it seems were all now coupled as soon as our digits can hold a device.

From toddlers all the way to our twighlight years we've all become reliant, and somehow dependant upon having these devices enabling us to forge a false sense of security. A form of comfort from the feeling of being connected to something or someone somehow via technology.

How often have you been hard at work and had one of your devices distract you?

The majority of us will always have our devices within arm’s reach, almost welcoming a distraction. We are so used to splitting our attention between different devices, web pages, and tasks, that it can be difficult and in fact rather dull to sustain our attention on one single task for too long.

Research proves that as well as actually contributing to anti social behaviour, our digital attachment is having mammoth ramifications on our ill health both physically and emotionally.

Weight gain, sleep quality (stimulating and increasing meletonine hormone), increased stress levels (production of Cortisol), poor concentration and bad posture.

Whether slouched at a desk or hunched over your phone or tablet, digital devices more 16-35 year olds than ever before are complaining of back and neck pain (aptly named ‘tech-neck’).

Wrecking havoc with our ability to connect to others and form lasting relationships, consumed with living in a virtual world full of unrealistic ideals and expectations. Living our life played out on social media can feel exhausting, focused on the worlds perceptions of ourselves and the way in which we are perceiving others.

Join our 3 day digital detox retreat in October 2016

  • Accommodation - Immersed in tranquil off the grid countryside location
  • Meals - 3 Delicious detoxifying meals each day
  • Daily cleansing juices and detox teas
  • Sumptuous accommodation - En suite rooms upon request
  • Daily Yoga sessions - Suitable for beginners to advanced yogis
  • Daily meditation sessions - Guiding you to find deep inner stillness
  • Daily group walks - Through beautiful countryside
  • Holistic treatment - Reflexology or Choice of massage
  • Healing Workshop - Healing techniques are used to remove toxins and blockages

* Please note shedules may sometimes change, you will be informed in advance of any changes*

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