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Digital Detox Retreats -

The urge to go “off grid” is now hitting home here in the UK more than ever and the requirement for digital detox retreats never stronger. We have grown a virtual arm and become attached to an array of screens/ digital devices as part of our being.

An epidemic that has swept across generations throughout the globe.

Becoming reliant, and somehow dependant upon having these devices enabling us to forge a toxic relationship in the form of comfort feeling connected to something or someone somehow via technology.

The majority of us will always have our devices within arm’s reach, we are so used to splitting our attention between different devices, web pages, and tasks, that it can be difficult and in fact rather dull to sustain our attention on one single task for too long.

Research proves that as well as actually contributing to anti social behaviour, our digital attachment is having mammoth ramifications on our ill health both physically and emotionally.

Slouched at a desk or hunched over your phone or tablet, digital devices more 16-35 year olds than ever before are complaining of back and neck pain (aptly named ‘tech-neck’).Wrecking havoc with our ability to connect to others and form lasting relationships, consumed with living in a virtual world full of unrealistic ideals and expectations.


A few Facts


UK adults spend an average of 8 hours 41 minutes a day on screens (more time than they are asleep).

UK children spend 6 1/2 hours a day on screens.

The average user logs 1.72 hours a day on social media alone and checks their smartphone 150 times a day.

69% of UK children say their parents spend too much time on their mobile device at home.



Half of all UK adults admit to being ‘completely hooked‘ on their smartphones, emphasising the need for a regular digital detox.  

80% of smartphone users say checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning.

27% of UK children say their parents have double standards about technology



A study by the National Institute of Mental Health has found a strong and significant association between social media use and depression. with heavy users 5x more likely to suffer from depression.

Social media makes 7 million Brits ‘depressed’ looking at friends’ perfect lives



Human average attention spans have declined significantly in the 8 years since smartphones existed and are now lower than that of a goldfish.

40% of teens do not complete homework because of time spent with digital devices.



Neuroimaging research has shown that excessive screen time actually damages the brain.



47% of adults miss out on sleep due to internet usage. 



A UCLA study found that pre-teens who were deprived of screens for five days through a digital detox were much better at reading people’s emotions (non-verbal skills) than children who continued using screens.

37% of teens and 30% of adults admitted that their devices interfere with normal day to day activities.



31% of internet users miss out on spending time with friends and family.

More than half (58%) of UK adults now say they use text messages at least once a day to communicate with family and friends, while only 49% meet people face-to face on such a regular basis.


What to expect from a digital detox


Coming to a digital detox retreat isn’t just about switching off your phone for a bit. It’s about stopping looking down at a screen and starting to look up at the world instead.

Replacing endless mindless scrolling with mindful connection with nature and the great outdoors.

Our digital detox retreats are set in tranquil locations and natural beauty allowing you to reconnect to nature and the world around you.

Following a 3 day food detox alongside cleansing yoga, meditation, expressive art , Nature trails, and holistic treatments devised to keep you physically active, as well as teaching you about mindfulness and introducing you to different ways of practising it enabling growth within whilst upon a relaxing, recharging and inspirational adventure.


My hope is that you will feel a sense of some expansion and freedom within, seeing the world around you a little differently when you leave and may you carry a piece of that change with you always.


Join our 3 day Digital Detox Retreat - 4th - 6th November 2016

Luxury Accommodation - Double en suite rooms

Meals - 3 Delicious Vegan detoxifying meals each day

Daily - cleansing raw juices and detox teas

Accommodation - Sumptuous Double En suite rooms

Daily Yoga sessions - Suitable for beginners to advanced yogis

Daily nature trail walks

Creative art workshop - gathering inspiration from the natural world led by our artist who will guide you to sketch and learn to paint with watercolours. Freeing your creativity while unlocking blockages.

Half and Hour Holistic treatment - Indian Head/ Full body massage *you can book additional treatments if you wish (facials,

Healing Workshop - Healing techniques are used to remove toxins and blockages. !!!

Costs of the Didital Deatox Reatreat

£750 per place - £500 per place sharing a room

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