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Sugar Rushing - Giving You Alzheimer's?

Not limited to Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, but resent studies show it’s distrusting your Brain along with your waistline.

You might have caught Jamie Oliver’s channel 4 documentary on Sugar last Thursday 3rd September. Finally championing what we all at Joyful health campaign for, food education and a war against unclear labelling regarding hidden sugars!

Along with the areas touched on in the programme, you may also be interested to know that Sugar also plays a major part in our cognitive function (brain function).

We already know of the deep connection between the health of our gut and our cognitive abilities , studies have proven the link between high sugar and fatty diets dramatically changes to the bacteria in our guts and their is deep connection between our gut health and cognitive ability.

More specifically our cognitive flexibility, the ability of the brain to adapt to change easily and quickly without being under duress for example:
- You're driving home as usual and the road ahead is closed, you have to then find a new route to get home and also remember it the following morning.

Our Western diets however are already proving the source of a range of chronic illness, an obesity epidemic and dramatically increased incidence of Alzheimer's

Its time to think before we EAT and DRINK, and begin to look at SUGARS in the same way we do other TOXINS like DRUGS and ALCOHOL. Not doing so is immorally wrong, standing back and do nothing about our children becoming obese and risk serious long term ill health.

To help fight this war on Sugar and look after the next generations health sign the petition, head to Jamie's Sugar Rush.

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