Life Coaching

A variety of tools and techniques bringing balance into your everyday life.

Life Coaching London & Bexley Kent

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching London is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal and professional goals using a variety of tools and techniques, taking you through a process of transformation to bring more happiness, fulfilment and balance into your life.

Ultimately, if you change the way you think about something, you change the way you feel about it and so you change what you do about it.

"It’s about having the courage to say NO to what doesn’t work for you. So you can say yes to what does."

Why Coaching

The only thing that stands in our way are the negative beliefs that you hold about yourself. These beliefs do not serve you. They just stop you from going for what it is you really want, for it is mainly the illusion of our misconception of how our lives should be that hold us back.

As a race now consumed by technology, it was inevitable that we would at some point lose our inner connection to our emotions, Clarity of mind, our true desires and ultimately our happiness.

"This is about being the best YOU that you can be."


We start off by finding out exactly where you are in your life right now, and where you feel you would like to be. We then set goals and create action plans to achieve these goals.

Supporting and encouraging you to help you clarify your values and strengths, navigating obstacles and removing mindsets that have been stopping you.

Your greatest potential is unique and known only to you. It seeks to gain recognition. That’s all it has ever wanted to do.

“Destiny is no matter of Chance, it is a matter of Choice.”

Areas coaching helps with professionally and personally.

  • Goal setting/Taking action
  • Gaining clarity
  • Work/Life balance
  • Career/Finance
  • Dating/Relationships
  • Confidence/Self-belief
  • Motivation/Energy level
  • Personal development
  • Stress reduction
  • Health/Wellbeing
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Addictions/Bad habits
  • Time management
  • Social/Communication skills
  • Business start-up
  • Interview techniques
  • Body language
  • Public speaking


Book your 1:1 Consultation

All Coaching sessions are one to one and up to 1 hour duration.

I recommend at least seven sessions for you to be able to start to implement changes in your life.

£60 per session


Book your 1:1 Consultation

All sessions are one to one and up to 1 hour duration.

Sessions can be booked individually, though a minimum of seven sessions are recommended for you to be able to start to implement changes in your life.

£60 per session

Book your consultation

For more information on our classes and consultation sessions, or to book an appointment contact us or Phone on: 0203 151 0014

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