About Joyful Health

Founded by an Australian born, boheimiem hearted joyful soul.
Ali’s early years were founded nurturing a holistic & hippy vibe, growing up surrounded by nature learning of the powerful ways we can use natures plants, flowers, herbs and foods for healing and health within the family run health food delicatessen.
Deviating from healthy life choices in her early 20’s with a self destructive lifestyle, struggling to manage her Coeliac disease, PCOS and endometriosis.

The Journey

Ali became critically ill and diagnosed with a rare chronic Autoimmune liver disease in 2004, with her life hanging in the balance unsure if she would live or die. Weeks spent lying in a hospital bed looking at the world outside visualising all the things she wanted to achieve, see, and do empowered her to fight and to see the outside world again.
Having survived but not willing to accept the doctors prognosis when told that her life would now be half that it was, unable to work her existance replaced by hospital, pills, pain and hours a day spent “resting” Ali knew there must be another way!
She embarked on a self driven quest to educate herself and learn to regain her health feeling Strong, Fit, Happy and Healthy. Travelling the world on a path to becoming a Wellness coach as a practicing Life coach, Yoga teacher, Nutritional therapist, Naturopath Ayurvedic advocate and Mindfulness teacher, learning a combination of alternate and traditional techniques to heal the body inside out and how Mind, body and soul must work in unison.

Zest for life

Transforming her diet, mindset and lifestyle inspired with an overwhelming zest for life, and a strong belief there was a way to regain her full health.
Ali has successfully lived by these methods for the past 15years and continues to help others in the same way.
“You can’t simply eat a good diet but have a mind racing with anger, fear or anxiety. Nor can you practice yoga daily but not nourish your body with the foods it requires."
"My journey so far has enabled me to continue to learn and constantly grow using the tools gathered along the way and constantly gathering more allowing me a place of real peace, freedom and joy. I am stronger, healthier and fitter than ever healing naturally with plants, herbs and food. By nurturing and supporting my body with Yoga, mindfulness and food I am healthy, strong in both mind and body, bursting with energy, without pain living a full existence.”
That journey is open to you too. - Ali Nokes


We work together either as an individual 1:1 basis, or as a couple or family all our sessions are confidential.
It can be overwhelming and consuming having to juggle busy life/work demands, and often we are unsure how to move forward to a place we feel happier.
We start off by looking at any area of concern or where you are and how happy you are now in all areas of your life right now (Health, Money, Family, Love, Friendships and work).
Having identified the areas you are not happy with we work together, to establish where you feel you would like to be in these areas.
And together we work towards you achieving your happiness.


All sessions are customised to work for you and your needs, I work with you 1:1 so we can identify how you feel how the body feels and your emotional state. I then use a mix of Yoga styles and practices ranging from traditional Hatha to more dynamic Vinyassa flow I give you the ultimate blend of energy, strength, flexibility, balance and healing.
My style is empowering and empathetic helping you to grow by neutering body, mind and soul. Using many ancient powerful practises including both pranayama, kriya, Kundalini, bandhas and locks. Focusing on your energy as well as precision and alignment, enabling a deep and transformative journey.


I see you on either a 1:1 basis, as a couple or family, together we identify your goals and the areas you are either unhappy with healthy eating/ weight/ skin/ hair condition. Or any discomfort/ illnesses you are struggling with and together we work to achieve your goals, resolve or reduce discomfort. Food, plants and nature heal our bodies in so many ways, and I am here to give you the information you need to make this happen.
My clients have all successfully lost weight desired, identified food intolerance's and allergies, naturally gone through menopause without HRT or medication healing symptoms naturally, relived symptoms and emotional imbalance of PCOS & Endometriosis, fallen pregnant following fertility struggles, said goodbye to Gout, IBS, constipation, incontinence, acne, eczema, gained weight when underweight, reduced arthritic and rheumatoid discomfort and many more.


We work 1:1 your session is crafted to meet your individual needs and the space you find yourself in at the time of our session, a powerful ancient self healing practice practice and effective past trauma therapy.
Using a variation of guided spoken meditation, breath practice, Ayurvedic oils and therapy, my style is a blend of Vipassana, Anapanasati crafted for your individual needs. guiding you on a journey of relaxation taking you deep inside quietening the chatter of the mind, proven to reduce stress, relax your nervous system.

Up and coming events...

  • Yoga Brunch pop up - Fri 27th Sept 2019

    Yoga Brunch pop up

    Grind greenwich - 9.30 - 11.30

    Take some time to unwind and allow yourself to relax in the company of like-minded people.

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  • Wellness Talk - Wednesday 24th July 2019

    Wellness talk - Nutritional talk with Free tasty energy boosting goodies!

    Swetty Betty in Bluewater - 9.00 - 10.00

    Take some time to unwind and allow yourself to relax giving your body total restoration with this restoration and relaxation yoga retreat.

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If you have anything you would like to talk to us about

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